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No-Show Abby Lee Miller Leaves Fans Waiting In Brooklyn

Abby Lee Miller abruptly canceled four scheduled appearances in the New York City area, leaving young dance fans disappointed on Friday afternoon. The former star of the reality TV show "Dance Moms" was scheduled for two Q&A sessions on April 14 at the New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge, plus two April 15 in New Jersey; all of which were cancelled less than 30 minutes prior to the 4:00 p.m. start on Friday. Link to Story

Zac Posen presents a fashion feat at Adobe MAX

At Adobe MAX held inside the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday, an unlikely, self-proclaimed tech-nerd took the stage to illustrate how the worlds of fashion and technology intersect. Designer Zac Posen spoke to more than 11,000 people at the annual conference, alongside director Quentin Tarantino, photographer Lynsey Addario and sculptor Janet Echelman.
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This new barre studio heats up to 95 degrees

A brand new, heated barre studio has opened in Hillcrest, where “the music is a bit louder, the weights are a bit heavier and the workout is more intense,” says owner John-Paul Dydo.
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Why jetpacking is everyone's favorite new water sport

About three years ago, I was paddle boarding around Point Loma when suddenly, a man emerged out of the water buzzing up toward the sky like it was 2050. I practically fell over. This was no Jesus walking on water, and my eyes did not deceive me. This was a man in flight. Fast-forward to now, and jet packing is officially a “thing.”.
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I dare you to... take a Pure Barre class

Summer fitness hissed obnoxiously around us all over the past few months. The conversation, especially in San Diego, became all about getting that svelte bikini body for spontaneous beach days. Then suddenly, as September crept in, we slumped back into old patterns — at least I did, anyway. My cheat week after a solid eight weeks of gym workouts turned into a cheat month, and it could have easily became a cheat season if Pure Barre’s new East Village location hadn’t saved the day.
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Does the HydraFacial MD really fix it all?

I’ve seen chemical peels go so wrong that coworkers had to take days off work to let their skin heal. My own eyes have shed a few tears during that abysmal extraction portion of a basic facial. We’re told time and time again that “beauty is pain” and “no pain no gain,” to the point that it’s almost ingrained in our minds that if something isn’t going to make us wince and break into a cold sweat, then it’s simply not working.
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Here you can butcher a pig and eat it, too

My grandfather, Jan Frys, worked as a butcher in the rural town of Piechowice, Poland. My grandmother sold the cuts out of her storefront connected to their house, which sat on a quiet farm. Recounting her childhood filled with an abundance of animals and meat around every corner, my mom tells me that this family business sustained them for decades.
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How to ride a horse like a pro

When you close your eyes and drum up images of quintessential San Diego, it’s usually the beaches and ocean breezes that come to mind. Certainly not horses. Definitely not dirt trails and cavernous valleys. The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is not a place that I knew of before embarking on this story, but it’s a place that I’m so glad to know now.
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Zipline over rhinos at the SD Zoo Safari Park

“One last thing before you fly,” said Chelsey, the Flightline Safari tour guide, calmly. “Do not scream. You’ll alarm the rhinos, and they’ll start a stampede.”. There I was, standing 160-feet above unidentifiable-but-still-threatening animals, about to soar over them at 50 miles-per-hour, being told to keep all of the yelling I had planned on doing on the inside.
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This aerial yoga class flips views upside down

Gaining courage as we lifted ourselves off the ground and into various poses, we were soon tapping into the real fun: inversions and flips through and around the fabric. I undeniably lack the grace of a Cirque du Soleil performer, but somehow, the instructor was able to guide me into inverted positions I never thought I’d be able to do.
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Encinitas activewear brand thrives, opens store

There comes a time in every San Diegan’s life when you are pressed to complete a quick-change in the car, whether it’s the transition from surf to lunch or from running laps to running errands. It usually involves contortionist moves around the steering wheel and a serious trust that the guy in the other car isn’t looking.
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Why thrill seekers are indoor skydiving

In case you missed the first installment to this new series, the concept is simple. I put my fears to the test and take on dares from you, the readers. You get to see me cringe and conquer my way through them here. It’s not always going to be pretty. This week, I went indoor skydiving at the new iFLY San Diego.
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Michelle Dederko

Michelle Dederko is the digital editor of DiscoverSD and PacificSD, as well as a lifestyle/entertainment reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune. Her coverage focuses on beauty, fashion, fitness, food, travel and finding the next best thing.

Dederko started her career at DiscoverSD more than five years ago. During her time leading the editorial team, the brand experienced major growth as the most popular lifestyle guide in San Diego, quickly leading the city’s largest media group, The San Diego Union-Tribune, to acquire the site in 2012.

Here, she continues to grow DiscoverSD and oversees all facets including digital editorial content, photo/video production, social media strategy and a recent merge with local lifestyle magazine, PacificSD.

Flexing her multimedia muscles, she can be seen hosting various video segments, as well.

Dederko's work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, DiscoverSD and Pacific Magazine.



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